Friday, July 9, 2010

Catching Up...March 2010

I'm back!!!  Okay see I told you I would get this on here :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We are on our way to Arlington to go to Emily's first Texas Rangers baseball game.  Take care and enjoy looking at March 2010.

Playing Outside
and Peeking at the Neighbors
She stole the pizza off the counter and was walking around eating we don't typically let her wander through the house carrying greasy pizza, but she does like the cheese!
No Daisy you can't have a cracker this is my special hideout where you can't reach them.
Hanging out on the recliner watching WordWorld with my "poo-poo binket" (translantion: purple blanket).
Riding in the wagon while Jaxon pulls me around the yard.  Yes he is a boy that drives to fast and dumped me in the yard, but it was fun!!!

And a Very Happy 1st Birthday to Abbi today!!!

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