Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend! Christy came to visit and we stayed so busy. We went to Carthage, Republic, Ozark & Springfield, MO on Saturday. We went to eat at Lambert's for lunch and also visited the Bass Pro Shop. They have done a lot of renevations and will be doing more throuh the summer. One part of the building now looks like you are walking under water in a lake with bass fisherman and duck hunters. I will be excited to go visit again when they have completed. I didn't get any pictures this time, but I will be sure to take some next time. Sunday we went to pick blueberries and had a trip to the lake to cool off.
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield - Hiking to Gibson's Mill which was no longer there. It was very hot and we were very disappointed after our 1 mile trip. Emily also got her very 1st tick which we discovered when we were at the Bass Pro.
If you look closely you can see all of our shadows in the flag. Left to Right: Charles, Amanda, Christy and Emily
Peering through the rungs at the John Ray House. - Wilson's Creek National Battlefield - Republic, MO
Precious Moments Chapel - Carthage, MO
Precious Moments
Aunt Christy and Emily hanging out after a long day of blueberry picking and a swim at the lake.Picking Blueberries at the Collins Blueberry Farm here in town.
Emily managed to get into the blueberry bucket that Charles left to close to her stroller. We are unsure how many she ate, but she had them all over her and in both hands when we found the thief.
Hanging out with Daddy at Beaver Lake.
Hanging out with Mommy at Beaver Lake.
Emily is now pulling up and clearing off Charles' end table.
She also likes to help with the dishes.

In her jammies ready for bed...goodnight!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Legs

I was on Make It and Love It awhile back and ran across her tutorial on making baby legs. Now that Emily is old enough to crawl I decided it was time to make her some. I got all of these for about $1.00/pair instead of paying $12.00/pair on Baby Legs; if you don't have the time or patience and have a money tree out back go ahead and purchase them online, but if you want to be thrifty and have 10 minutes you can make your own. Here is my tutorial on how:
Here are all of the knee high socks I bought. I would have bought more, and probably will go back, but Charles made me leave.
Cut the tops off at the heel.
Cut the heel from the foot part.
Cut the toe from the foot part.
Turn the leg part inside out and make cuffs from the left over foot part.

Insert the cuff into the leg section.

Sew them together.

Flip right side out.And put them on.

Aren't they adorable?

And of course she is...

For more detailed instructions you can click on the Make It and Love It link above to read more.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Helping Daddy

Installing Cabinet Door Locks for little fingers that get into everything now that she is mobile.She was very helpful...
Stealing baggies...
Now everything is safe and secure away from the thief.

Garage Sale Super Find

We went to some garage sales on Friday because Charles was off work. This was our greatest $149.99, Wal-Mart $129.92 & Target $119.99...Garge Sale $5.00!!!
Yes we got this awsome steal for only $ was very dirty, but with the help of a wonderful husband, some bleach water, and a power washer, we were able to restore it to almost brand new. We also got her some clothes at another sale, but this was the biggest find ever!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Summertime Fun

A Trip to Oklahoma to see Great-Grandma Posey on the farm.

Reading the Newspaper and playing with daddy's shoes.
Playing in the pool and relaxing in my wagon.
(the wagon is actually a birthday present, but she won't ever know)
Exhausted after a long day in the sun.

Properly Displayed

I inherited my Great-Grandparents China and after setting in Emily's room for almost 8 months it has now found a home. Charles and I both agreed on this "bookcase" at Riverside Furniture, but doesn't it make a wonderful china cabinet? We don't have room in this house for it in the dining room, so it is in the living room, but it matches our other furniture very well. Thanks grandma for the china I LOVE IT! If you get to come for Thanksgiving we will have dinner on it. Love you.