Thursday, January 15, 2009

Honey Dos

I'm sure every wife in America has this same never ending list kept somewhere hidden away for all of their hubbies to take on, and my hubby is no different. I love him for being quite the handyman to have around. I will say there is a lot of things that he can do, but he is no plumber, that is for another post, but here are a few pictures of some things that he has done around the house lately; and sorry ladies I am not loaning him out. As you see below I got a new washer and dryer a year ago and he built this wonderful stand for the two of them in my utility room. He did this for me when I was pregnant so that I wouldn't have to bend over so far. Ah...How Sweet.

Charles the Craftsman

Charles the Interior Decorator

(I still need to have some pictures made for the 5x7s - you guessed it organization in progress)

Thanks Toni for the Pemberton Crocheted Doily

A recap of our Hawaiian Honeymoon - October 2007

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